The Best Books Have Coffee Stains

Digital means that books should now be obsolete. But people keep buying them.

I consider myself a very practical person, but still I cannot find the courage to throw away the books that I have read. Similar to my last post, it just feels too hard. Like I might be throwing away a part of myself, or worse, might be destroying some piece of knowledge that could be useful in the future.

Maybe the real reason why people like books so much is how they look on a shelf. The way they line up against a wall when you have just the right amount: spines facing outward and covers pressed tightly together.

There are lots of things you can do with a book that you can’t with a digital copy.

You can pick up a print book and hold it. You can pinch it to see how thick it is. You can open it and look inside. You can see others’ notes and the coffee stains.

The best books are the ones with the stains. Those are the ones you want to read.

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