Formal Mandarin Chinese (五道口 banner example)

Above you will see an advertisement from the back of a bus stop just outside of the U-Town shopping center. The poster shows two shop owners not accepting cash, stating they prefer customers use their digital wallets (不收现金).

The poster was sponsored by the People’s Bank of China (中国人民银行) and interestingly at a time when the government is trying to find a balance between the growth of online payment services like Tencent’s WeChat Wallet and Alibaba’s Alipay.

Although there are obvious social, political, and economic ideas that can be talked about here, I’m more interested in the slogan running across the top for language learning purposes:

抵制拒收现金违法行为, 维护人民币法定地位

(dizhi jushou xianjin weifa xingwei, weiju renminbi fading diwei)

translation (more literal): boycott the illegal action of refusing to accept cash, safeguard the legal status of RMB.

translation (loose): don’t shop at / support places which only accept digital currencies to make sure our cash (hard currency) is still valuable. 

For those of us learning Mandarin Chinese, the language is a good example of how one can formally express ideas.

For those more interested in the other implications mentioned above, you can check out the article by inkstone:


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