Tea and Tea House Culture

One of the coolest parts about living in China is the opportunity to refine your tea drinking palate. Although I still haven’t given up coffee completely, there are lots of interesting, different types of teas which I’ve come to know since moving here. One type which is relatively unknown in the U.S. is pu’er (普洱茶). … Read moreTea and Tea House Culture

How to Prepare Leftover Jiaozi

The Chinese word for dumplings is 饺子 (jiaozi).  饺子 can be steamed, fried, or boiled. They have a texture similar to that of pasta, and they come with a variety of meat or vegetarian fillings. I used to buy frozen 饺子 from the local supermarket just outside of my compound, but they never compared the … Read moreHow to Prepare Leftover Jiaozi

Squid Chuan’r (鱿鱼串儿)

Squid chuan’r is the kind of chuan’r that’s better left unordered. Yet it consistently seems to find a way onto my table. Go figure. I always try and explain to my friends that squid in Beijing just makes me think of the fresh seafood back home in New England. Of course, I leave out the … Read moreSquid Chuan’r (鱿鱼串儿)