Air Pollution Returns to Beijing

Just when you think Beijing has cleaned up it’s act, you get hit with a 200+ AQI day.

Of course, polluted air in China has been a trend for a while now, especially in Beijing. And perhaps it is a sign of the times that I am complaining now when its only a little below 300.

When I first arrived to China back in 2013 the pollution was much worse. In the first couple of winters it was quite normal to have 500+ days for 3-4 days at a time.

Still, with the temperature dropping and CNY approaching, it’s time we (BJ based) all start preparing ourselves by buying a few decent masks and changing out the air filters.

Here is a screenshot of the reading from my phone tonight.

Note: AQI is shorthand for Air Quality Index, and is used for gauging the cleanliness of air in a given location. There are other indexes used to measure the quality of air, but in China this seems to be the main index that people use.

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