Hey there, my name is Will. Welcome to my blog.

I’ve lived in and worked in Beijing, China since 2013. Professionally, I’ve spent the majority of that time working in curriculum development for ESL course materials. I currently work as an editor at the online education company, 51Talk. I recently did an interview about the position that you can read here.

I’m very interested in the intersection of technology and education, and so this blog is a sort of experiment. I try and write about topics that I’m interested both to clarify my own thinking and to share useful information with others. Generally, I tend to focus on business, technology, and education – all with Chinese characteristics.

Outside of industry-related topics I like to write about life in China, the challenges, and how you can overcome them. There are many opportunities in China, but you can’t expect success overnight. It takes a few broken chopsticks before most of us learn anything useful.

I originally grew up on the Seacoast of New Hampshire in the U.S. and attended the University of New Hampshire where I graduated Cume Laude with a BA in Literature.

Some of my travel writing can be found here.

If you like fiction, then check out this short story  that I wrote and published on the anthill.org about a mysterious taxi driver in Beijing.

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