Hey there, my name is Will.

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find posts, pictures, and links to other resources which I have found useful in my own life. 

In the past, I tended to write about the intersection of technology and education (I spent the beginning of my career as an editor for ESL course materials – read more about that here). However, as I’ve transitioned into the world of finance and investments, I expect my writing to migrate more towards these topics. 

Please note that this is a personal blog and my writing here in no way reflects the thoughts or opinions of the company I work for nor the clients I represent. 

From 2013-2019, I lived and worked in Beijing, China. As such, both my professional and personal lives revolve around China-US relations. And while I remain a committed (if not slightly amateur) China watcher, I have recently returned to the US full-time (read about that here). I currently live and work in New York City where I can enjoy a surplus of fresh bagels and pizza slices. 

Since throwing together my first blog in 2013, my practice of writing for the web has continued to be a process of experimentation and evolution. While the blog certainly serves a commercial purpose, its primary value is that it helps me to clarify my own thoughts and share useful information with others. 

I originally grew up on the Seacoast of New Hampshire in the U.S. and attended the University of New Hampshire where I graduated Cume Laude with a BA in Literature.

If you like fiction, then check out this short story that I wrote and published on the anthill.org about a mysterious taxi driver in Beijing.

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